Brunch Bowl

This brunch bowl is my go-to on a laid back morning. Each step is easy to recreate, and the end result is packed with delicious flavor! Enjoy!

  • Measurements are for 1 person, there may be leftover rice
  • Ingredients
    • 2 Eggs
    • 1 Medium Green Pepper
    • Sausage (your choice of what type and how much, I use Conecuh and about 4-5 inches)
    • Uncle Ben’s 90 Second Brown Rice
    • Olive Oil
    • Salsa
    • Salt
    • Pepper
  • Preparation
    • Chop the bell pepper into small pieces
    • Cut the sausage into small slices, about ½ an inch, and then cut in half
  • Cooking Directions
    • Cooking the Pepper and Eggs
      • Sauté the green pepper (about 7 minutes) in a small skillet until soft
      • Once the pepper is soft, add two scrambled eggs
    • Cooking the Sausage
      • First add a splash of olive oil to the pan and turn on the stove eye to medium heat
      • Check the oil by flicking a few drops of water onto the pan
      • Once the water causes the oil to pop, add the sausage, and then cover with tin foil (helps reduce mess, and the oil getting everywhere)
      • While the pepper is cooking, add the sausage to a large skillet and season with salt and pepper
      • Occasionally flipping the sausage pieces until they’re your preferred seer
    • Cooking the Rice
      • For an easy and quick option I use Uncle Ben’s 90 second brown rice

Then mix together the eggs, pepper, sausage and rice in a bowl.

For extra flavor season the rice with salt and pepper, and add salsa as a finishing touch!

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