October 2020…

The beginning of October started off with a bang. During the first week Matthew and I finally celebrated his birthday, as well as my roommate Mary Katherine turned 22 all on the same day! To start of the night, Matthew and I dined at Zazu Gastropub. We started with the empanadas (featured below) and they were delicious! For the main course Matthew had the Sweet Tea Chicken & Cornbread while I had the Bone-In Pork Chop. Both dishes were delicious and left us feeling very full.

Afterwards we headed to The Collegiate Hotel, Auburn’s boutique hotel, on their rooftop for drinks and  to celebrate Mary Katherine’s birthday with our other roommates and friends. While there I ordered a delicious AU-Bees Margarita (which is a margarita made with Auburn University’s Bee Lab honey, mixed with butterfly tea and a black hibiscus salt rim) and had a great night!

The following week I met up for dinner with some friends who were a part of my study abroad. Since our study abroad took place in Ariccia, Italy and we chose to have a delicious dinner at the Ariccia Cucina Restaurant at The Hotel at Auburn University. If you are in Auburn and looking for fantastic and authentic Italian food this is the restaurant for you.

On our study abroad trip we were lucky enough to have a cooking lesson with the Arricia Cucina Restaurant’s Chef Miguel Figueroa. He is an exceptional cook and the kindest person, he even came out to say hello to us before our meal and sent us a sample of their amazing Ravioli!

Along with the ravioli we started with the Focaccia Romana (bread with olive oil), and for dinner I chose the Aglio e Olio with grilled chicken, and by the end of the meal my bowl was empty and I was still hungry for more. Overall, the night was filled with sharing fun memories over delicious food, and who could ask for anything better?

Moving onto that weekend Matthew and our friends attended Auburn’s football game against Arkansas. Not only was it raining the entire game, but Auburn kept it interesting until the 4th quarter like they always do.

The next weekend I headed to Birmingham for a girls weekend in order to look at bridesmaid dresses for Lane’s wedding! We drove up Friday afternoon and immediately headed to an incredible Asian Fusion restaurant in Birmingham called, Bamboo on 2nd. We started our meal with various appetizers: grilled edamame, tempura fried green beans, and KFC: Kathmandu fried chicken lollipops. The grilled edamame and tempura fried green beans are the usual appetizers I order at Asian restaurants, and they did not disappoint. However, the fried chicken lollipops was a new food for everyone, and as a consensus we all enjoyed them.

As for my main meal I ordered the Blazer roll. I found it to be really enjoyable and definitely something I would order again. We also divulged in drinks and I really enjoyed the Ruby Fresca and The Cosmic “Trip”. They were both fresh, fruity drinks which are my favorite. Afterwards, we headed to a rooftop bar for another drink before going back to our home for the night, changed into comfortable clothes, drank a lot of wine, played games, and talked late into the night!

On Saturday we woke up early to do a bit of shopping before the bridesmaid appointment. We started the morning with Crestline Bagel (which is my favorite breakfast place in Birmingham), and then headed to the Summit. While there we explored through Lululemon, Anthroplogie, and more before heading to lunch before the appointment. We decided on SoHo Standard in Homewood, which was fabulous because even though I my parents live 10 minutes away from the restaurant I had never been.

When we sat down we were greeted with complementary beignet with cinnamon frosting inside (I’m drooling right now thinking about them). For my main dish I enjoyed the Gringos Locos, they were really good, but very messy. Afterwards, Lane and 3 bridesmaids headed to the appointment (due to Covid you can only have 3 bridesmaids at the appointment), and me and another bridesmaid headed back to our base to hangout until they were finished. When everything was all done we headed on our way back to Auburn Saturday afternoon wrapping up a fun weekend!

My roommates and I have also been watching the Bachelorette. We have a designated space on our laundry door where each of the contestants are posted and we X them out once they are sent home. However, during this week I made a charcuterie board for that week’s episode and I am very proud of my spread.

Lastly, at the end of the month Matthew and I headed to the lake for the weekend to hang out with my parents while sitting around and watching football. We came up Friday night and had dinner at Willow Point just the two of us to celebrate our one year and a half anniversary and my future internship. On Saturday we spent the entire day on the couch watching football, and occasionally we would play backgammon and gin. Later that night we played parcheesi with my mom before dinner. At the end of the night we sat on the dock and looked out over the calm lake. Then on Sunday morning we packed up and headed back to Auburn.

The month of October wasn’t overly exciting, but I definitely made fun memories and spent time with great people. I am now looking forward to what November brings me as well as turning 22!

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