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As an avid fashion follower and someone who has devoted their entire life and career to the apparel industry, I am pretty up to date on what is trending. Through this series, I will be providing insight into what styles, fabrics, items, and colors are popular for the seasons to come. So if you are someone like me who enjoys incorporating seasonal trends into their wardrobe, then follow along and learn what is up and coming throughout the year.

For What’s Trending Today’s first post we will be discussing leather:

Leather is a go-to fabric for Fall regardless of any year. However, this year we are seeing new innovations using leather through construction, colors, and texture. With the puff sleeve trend (post coming soon!) still in full swing, poofy sleeves have given a whimsical and playful vibe to the once sleek and structured feeling that defined leather. The introduction of colors outside of the brown, black, and tan color wheel that leather was once confined to is another added touch that reinforces the continuous leather trend.

Leather pairs with pretty much everything: sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, you name it. This is why leather has remained a mainstream trend throughout the years, and while new innovations of leather scatter our social media feeds, and this post, we can’t forget to appreciate classic leather.

Leather jackets, leather mini skirts, and leather boots are items that are reinforced every year as a fashion staple for the Autumn and Winter months. Therefore, below you I have collected a mix of classic leather pieces such as the biker jacket, mini skirt, cigarette pants, and more, as well as the introduction of bright colors, a mixture of textures, and inventive construction.

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