Oh the food I’ll eat…

I love food. I will eat just about any food that you put in front of me. I prefer vegetables over fruits, and if I could pasta every day of my life I absolutely would. However, it took many years and trials and triumphs for me to get to where I am today with my food intake.

When I was younger I would say that I was somewhat of a picky eater. However, I was not alone because my brothers were also picky eaters and together we probably had the same meals every week because that was the easiest option for my parents. It was the only way to appease everyone’s peculiar needs, but now that I am older I pride myself for no longer being a picky eater, most of the time.

I remember when I was younger my mom would always tell me “your taste buds will change over time,” and while I understood that yes I would come around to liking more food, I never imagined how much my taste buds would change over such a short amount of time.

The first time I noticed my taste in food had changed was 2014 when I was 15 and I was at camp. I was at dinner and the meal did not look appetizing to me, therefore I basically ate bread for half the meal until my counselor coerced me to eat a salad. Now even today I am not a big fan of salads. They have never been able to fill me up no matter what I put in them, I don’t necessarily enjoy lettuce, and I would prefer anything else over a salad. But it was dinner time and we still had an evening activity so I had to eat something. This was the first time I ever ate a salad and actually enjoyed it. Now don’t get me wrong I drenched it in ranch dressing, but I had finished it, and that was a big achievement for me. Ever since then I began trying new things, and I really credit summer camp as the place where I first ventured outside of comfort zone with food.

The next time I was faced with experiencing new food was when I first left home for college. My first year I was living in the dorms with basically no kitchen, so I had to rely on campus dining and takeout for the majority of the year. When it came to campus dining it was either branch out or eat Chef Boyardee, and don’t get me wrong I love microwavable pasta, but something about eating it numerous times a week did not seem healthy or appetizing to me. This is when I started trying new vegetables and fruits, and making sure that almost all of my meals were balanced, or at the very least that I was eating a protein, carb, fruit and/or a vegetable per day. I think this is what helped me not pack on the freshman 15 and I am very grateful for that.

Finally, the last place that attributed to a change in my diet was when I studied abroad in Italy. Now my diet didn’t change drastically, but while I was there I began to like tomatoes. Now this might seem like an odd thing to discuss, but when I was younger my grandparents had a tomato bush and even to this day my mom will eat tomatoes with almost anything. And another fun fact about me is that I love ketchup, so much that for my 21st birthday my roommate put a ketchup bottle on my sign, but I had never enjoyed tomatoes. So me beginning to like tomatoes was a big deal for me. I had never really liked them before because of their texture, but somehow in three short months I began to really enjoy them and add them to different dishes. Even to this day I’ll add cut up tomatoes to different dishes to give it a little texture and flavor.

Based on everything above you might take away that I have come a long way with my eating habits, or you might think that I haven’t changed enough. But I know for myself that I have come a long way, and I know that there is still more out there for me to try and this is where I will document that. I will also be sharing different meals that are my go to, and different insights from my roommates, because multiple perspectives is better than just one.

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