Simplicity and Statement Earrings…

When it comes to jewelry I typically stay very minimal. On any given day you can find me wearing one silver ring on my right hand from a family trip to Italy, my apple watch, two necklaces (one of the necklaces being a Marla Aaron lock and the other a simple cross), and sometimes a pair of blue stud earrings that my mom gave me last year for my birthday. Besides those few key pieces I don’t usually wear much else.

However, when it comes to going to dinner, attending a party, or any fun social event I always opt to wear a fun pair of statement earrings. I have come to find that earrings are one of the only aspects that I will change about my jewelry. This is because I either get distracted or overwhelmed by other jewelry options, such as bangles, rings, and bulky necklaces, but no matter what I always find a way to wear a pair of statement earrings.

As of right now I currently have 13 pairs of statement earrings that I would call me “seasonal favorites.” None of them are the same and they all evoke a different attitude about them, or at least I think they do. However, due to COVID I haven’t been able to wear them as often as I thought I was going to when I first bought them back in January.

But since I am a sucker for earrings and I love sharing, here are a few of my favorites that are just too good to not be shared…

Link to similar earrings…


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