Bathing Suit Cover-Ups

Everyone needs a basic bathing suit cover-up that can transition from season to season. Whether it’s a linen mini dress or an easy tunic, these pieces are classics and can easily last you for the years to come. Below I will share a multitude of styles and at varying price points!

Also make sure to check out the link, because although many of the cover-ups below are white, many come in other colors!

$100 and below:

Column 1: Beige Midi Dress / Black Romper / Linen Mini Dress / Strapless Midi Dress / Black Sarong / Beige Shorts

Column 2: White Mini Dress / Striped Button Down / Striped Shorts

Column 3: Blue Sarong / Black Overshirt / Tiered Mini Dress / Black Mini Dress

$100 and above:

Column 1: White Romper / Blue Overshirt / White Button Down Shirt Dress / Linen Shirt / White Overshirt

Column 2: White Romper / White Sarong / White Long Overshirt / Mini Wrap Skirt / Black Shirt Dress

Column 3: Blue Overshirt / Black Mini Dress / White Romper / White Jumpsuit / Pink Overshirt


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