What’s Trending Today…


Pastels are the hottest color trend for the Summer.

From lavender to sea-foam green, people are swapping the brightness of neon and the boldness of royal blue, for the subdued colors of pastels. I for one am a fan of this trend for Summer, mainly because pastels on tan and dark skin tones is breathtaking, making it the perfect color palette for the warmer months to come. Below I will share a few of my favorite pastel pieces and how to style them, enjoy!

Column 1: Pink Bow / Blue Puff Sleeve / Floral Ruched / Pink Tank / Pink Ruffle Sleeve

Column 2: Mint Ruched / Lavender Button Down / Blue Floral / Green Puff Sleeve

Column 3: Lavender Ribbed Tank / Blue Short Sleeve / Green Polka Dot / Tie Dye Tank

Column 1: Green Jumpsuit / Green Checker Midi Dress / Blue Floral Midi Dress / Pink Tie Waist Pants / Green Mini Dress

Column 2: Pink Jeans / Lavender Mini Dress / Lavender Jeans

Column 3: Pink Shorts / Green Midi Dress / Pink Midi Dress

Column 1: Blue Heels / Pink Heels / Green Heels

Column 2: Multicolored Bikini Top / Blue Sandals / Multicolored Bikini Bottoms

Column 3: Blue Cut-Out One Piece / Multicolored Sneakers / Yellow & Blue Marble One Piece


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