February/March 2021…

So if you keep up with Just Jane Elisabeth, you probably realized that my lifestyle postings have been a little MIA recently. Well with my internship I am in an unfamiliar city with most of my friends still in Auburn, leaving me with not much to do, therefore I have combined February and March together!

Back in February Matthew and I spent Valentine’s Day in Birmingham. We started with dinner at La Fresca on Friday night. I ordered the pappardelle and Matthew had the risotto, and for desert we had tiramisu. If you’re in Birmingham I highly recommend making a reservation and eating here. This is some of the best and authentic Italian food in all of Birmingham. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough, because not only is the food amazingly delicious, but the service is incredible. The next day we hung out with my siblings and watched some basketball before heading to taco mama. We started off with some beer (my favorite is Sour Pash from Avondale Brewing Co.), then we ordered some margaritas and I enjoyed my usual quesadilla with rice and chicken. On Sunday before I headed back to Atlanta we grabbed lunch at Charbar, which was a perfect ending to a great weekend.

A few weeks later I headed back to Birmingham to visit Matthew and my family again. During my time at home this weekend I started off by having a double date with my brother and his girlfriend at Blueprint on 3rd. We had a great time catching up with each other and would definitely recommend this restaurant and ordering the Cajun Spaghetti for your main course. The next day I headed to my other brother’s new house and I helped him and my sister-in-law with organizing their closet. Later that night my other brother, sister-in-law, and my nephews came over to my parents house where we had dinner, watched basketball, played around, and overall had a really fun night before I headed back to Atlanta.

Below is a bouquet of flowers my mom put in my room for my arrival, and the flowers are actually from my parents backyard and garden.

A week later my friends and I headed to New Orleans. It was a make shift “formal”, and it was a fun way for all of us to have one last big trip together before graduation in May. We arrived Friday afternoon and immediately headed out and walked around for awhile before running by a Walgreens to pick up some beer and then heading back to our hotel rooms and just hanging out and having a chill night before a busy Saturday. On Saturday morning Matthew and I enjoyed a delicious brunch at Monty’s. Afterwards we met up with our friends and hung out by the water while our brunch settled and we decided what our plan would be for the day. Later that night we headed to Evangeline’s where I had some of the most amazing crab cakes and jambalaya in my life. Plus we were seated in a cute patio space outside in the back of the restaurant making the experience even better. To end a wonderful night and trip Georgia Tech won the ACC Championship making Matthew incredibly happy, and therefore making me happy by association.

At the end of March I made my way to Auburn to spend a weekend with friends. On Saturday I hung out at Moes BBQ and had a fun time with everyone. We spent the majority of the afternoon watching basketball and catching up, and were there into the night and ordered dinner there as well. I had chicken tenders, but Matthew had their infamous nachos (I highly suggest if you don’t know what to order). Then on Sunday, Matthew and I went to Acre for brunch and I had the most delicious meal. I ordered the “Sunday Funday” (pictured below) and Matthew had the Fried Chicken Johnny Cakes. The weekend was short and sweet, and I had the best time being with all of my friends for one of our last weekends in Auburn as students!


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