January 2021…

Before reading below I have to confess, I did not do an appropriate job of capturing a month in my life for January 2021. With moving, starting a new job, and being separated from friends and family there hasn’t been too much to document. However, February seems promising and I am looking forward to taking more pictures, so that in the future I can look back and reflect.

At the beginning of the month I was celebrating the new years with my friends in northern Georgia. We were all staying in a mountain house together and enjoyed hiking, visiting local breweries, and just being with one another.

As the month continued I spent the majority of my time working and cooking. At work I have been trying to step out of comfort zone when it comes to my style (if you would like to see more of what I wear to work check out my Weekly Lookbooks) My office is really cool and even has a “chill room” equipped with bean bags!

I have also been cooking a lot more, and I have been enjoying experimenting with different foods and creating new recipes. But, at the same time I have been perfecting my easy and simple recipes (mainly consisting of rice and pasta). All of which will most likely make their way to the blog in the next few weeks…

To wrap up the month Matthew and I went to a nice dinner at Kaiser’s Chop House. This restaurant is amazing, with a great staff and delicious food. For our appetizer we split the Fried Lobster Tail. Then for dinner we both had a filet with mashed potatoes and french fries on the side. When it came to dessert we split a warm chocolate chip cookie in a skillet. We both left happy and full!

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