Life Update, and What’s to Come…

I’ve moved!

At the beginning of January I moved to Atlanta to complete my internship for graduation. I am working at the headquarters of a clothing company and working alongside their e-commerce team.

However, along with moving to a new city comes moving into a new home, and with that comes furnishing that home. Therefore, I have become more interested with interior decorating and will be sharing decorating tips, how I style different rooms, and the best affordable pieces that will elevate any home!

I have also started to make healthy changes in my lifestyle by joining Weight Watchers. I have always struggled with knowing what foods are good/bad for me and creating beneficial meals. Therefore, my mom helped me begin my Weight Watchers journey and I look forward to sharing my experience. I am planning on sharing my favorite meals, workouts, what works for me, and my progress. I think using this platform as a way to record my journey will help keep me accountable and will encourage me to become the best version of myself.

Lastly, I went MIA for the past month because after the holiday season and with my new job, I wasn’t feeling inspired or motivated to post. However, I am planning a wide variety of posts for the future and I will be working on staying on a consistent schedule.

Thank you for listening, following along and continuously supporting me!

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