December 2020…

At the beginning of the month Matthew and I celebrated my birthday at The Hound. We started our meal with pimento cheese and crackers for the appetizer, and then for dinner I had the Pork chop while Matthew chose the Meatloaf. We finished the meal with . Overall our meal was delicious and was a perfect date night to round out the semester.

The next day a few friends and I headed to Opelika to try out the local breweries. We first headed to Red Clay Brewing Co. where I enjoyed a light beer as we watched the Auburn basketball game. Our next stop was Resting Pulse Brewing Co. where I had their mango sour beer, which I really enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who isn’t a huge fan of beers, but wants to try something new. As we were leaving, my roommate Mary Katherine, her boyfriend Kyle, Matthew and I took a picture in front of the towns Christmas decorations (featured below).

After our fun Friday we woke up to Gameday! Sadly, this was our last Auburn football game as students and it ended in a loss, but we enjoyed every second and memory we have made in Jordan Hare Stadium the past 4 years!!

Following the game I headed home to Birmingham on Sunday for the holidays. There wasn’t much excitement during my first week home, until Friday when I dog-sat Ollie. On Friday I invited my friend Edith over to spend the night and to enjoy a girls night. For dinner I made my favorite mexican bowls, and to follow we drank wine and watched Home Alone. The next day as Edith and I were sleeping Ollie kept jumping into bed wanting to cuddle and I snapped this cute pick of him.

Later that day Matthew came to town for a couple days, and Lauren and Chris returned. Once everyone was in Birmingham we all headed to Cahaba Brewing Co. for CahaBazaar, which was a fun outdoor event supporting small businesses. One of Lauren’s friends has her own small business, Golden Peonies, which had a stand and I also found a cute Birmingham print from another small business that now hangs on my refrigerator.

The next day my entire family gathered to build and decorate Ginger Bread Houses. Below is Matthew and I’s creation which included kids skiing and sledding, as well as a landing strip for Santa’s sleigh.

The next day Matthew and filled our time with fun activities. We went to Top Golf where Matthew definitely showed me up, but we had so much fun. Then later that night we visited Vulcan where we were able to ride to the top of the statue by ourselves and see a 360 degree view of Birmingham.

Later that same week I made a short visit to Atlanta, and while there Matthew and I visited a drive-thru light show.

In the days leading up to Christmas my family and I visited the Birmingham Zoo for their “Glow Wild” event. Usually this event is called Zoolight Safari and only uses Christmas light decorations, but this year they featured colorful and beautiful lit up lanterns.

On Christmas day I had a wonderful celebration with my family where my nephews loved their new toys, my mom made Sante Fe and Lasagna Soup, and at the end of the day we played numerous games which had us all crying with laughter.

After Christmas I headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains with Matthew’s family. We spent the majority of our time hanging out at our rental house playing games. However, one day we visited an Apple Orchard (featured below). I also made jambalaya for everyone one night and it was delicious.

On New Years Day Matthew and I’s friends met us in the mountains and we rung in the New Year in a beautiful location with a few of our favorite people!

Here’s to 2021!

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