What’s Trending Today…

For What’s Trending Today’s second post we will be discussing blazers:

Growing up I associated blazers with Easter Sunday, private schools, and Gossip Girl. However, this year blazers have taken the fashion world by storm. There are various types of blazers in the market today, from ones with exaggerated shoulder pads, to ones made with unique colors and fabrics, or the classic plaid and houndstooth. Along those same lines there are numerous different ways to wear one. From the oversized to fitted blazer, the blazer dress, and many more, the limitations with blazers is far and few.

Another aspect with blazers is that they can be layered with everything. Whether it’s a pair of jeans and a hoodie, or a flowy skirt and a sweater, a blazer can complete any look. They are also appropriate for various different occasions. For example, the same blazer could be paired with a pants and blouse for a job interview, and later on be used to layer over a vintage tee and leggings for night out on the town. There are endless ways to style blazers which further proves why they have been a hot commodity for Fall and will continue to be one as we transition into Winter.

Zara: (click on the image for the link)




Nordstrom Rack:



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