September 2020…

At the beginning of the month my boyfriend, Matthew, and I drove from Auburn to my families lake house for Labor day weekend. We enjoyed the weekend with family and friends and had a wonderful time. We spent the majority of each day on the dock listening to music and playing with my siblings pup Ollie.

At night we enjoyed delicious homemade meals such as lasagna, jambalaya, and basil pesto chicken.

After dinner we played Mexican train, which would then lead to some stargazing on the dock before tucking in for the night. We also celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday with some Edgar’s strawberry cake!

The following week was full of tests and homework, and looking forward to the weekend for some rest and relaxation.

My original plan was to stay in Auburn for the weekend and figure out my plan as options arose. Well on Saturday my mom drove to Auburn from the lake to bring me some items from home as well as to visit for a little bit, and instead of parting ways I drove to the lake to spend the night and see my siblings and nephews. That afternoon and night were spent playing with toys, running around the den, and playing peek-a-boo in a tent. The next morning I got up and drove back to Auburn in order to enjoy a dinner with some friends.

Well on Sunday night my freshman roommate asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and her fiancée asked Matthew to be a groomsman!

After that exciting night the festivities continued as I celebrated my Matthew’s birthday. For his birthday I got him a travel size backgammon set because we love to play all types of games, a framed picture of his family, a few treats, and I always write him a letter.

On Thursday we traveled to Atlanta to enjoy a nice dinner with his family at an Italian restaurant called Sotto Sotto. I ordered the pappardelle al sugo d’anatra and it was impeccable. If you’re looking for authentic Italian restaurant, or just looking to enjoy an incredible meal Sotto Sotto cannot be beat.

The next day was also jam packed full of fun activities because not only were we celebrating his birthday, but we were also celebrating their close family friends 50th birthday! Therefore, we started the day off by playing a round of Top Golf which was tons of fun and surprisingly had a delicious lunch. Later on we visited a few different bars that were each unique and had a good atmosphere.

Later that night, Matthew and I ventured to Roswell and had dinner at Lola’s. This restaurant had a cool atmosphere and is a burger and tequila bar. My favorites at this restaurant were the Mango margarita and their cheese dip which came with waffle chips. Afterwards, we met up with some of his friends at a local brewery and spent the rest of the night hanging out with them.

The next day was spent watching football and lounging around until dinner time. For dinner we enjoyed a fun experience of an in-house chef. The decorations throughout the house made the atmosphere feel as if we were in a high-end restaurant, and the food was extraordinary. Each round had its own wine pairing, and each course was delicious.

Following that weekend, the next week felt a little dull. However, that all changed once Saturday rolled around. On Saturday Auburn was playing their first football game of the season and the students were able to attend. The only downside was that the game was at 11:30, therefore I was up by 6 am and at my friends tailgate by 7.

Everyone had a fun day getting together and being able to celebrate an Auburn win, making the 6 am wakeup call worth it.

Well that’s all of the exciting activities I took part in this month, so check in with me next month where I discuss birthdays, Halloween, and more!

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