August 2020…

Due to Covid-19 and trying to be as safe as I can be, I haven’t done much in the past couple of weeks, and I do not see that changing in the future until there is a vaccine. Therefore, I will be recounting each month and if my weeks begin to become more exciting I’ll transition to weekly updates. However, for now monthly updates will have to do…

At the beginning of August I made my way to Auburn in order to begin my two and half weeks as a pi chi. For those of you who do not know what a pi chi is, basically it is a position for women who are involved in Panhellenic Sororities to contribute to recruitment by being counselors for the potential new members going through the process of joining a sorority. This year was my second year as a pi chi and it was very different compared to 2019 recruitment. First, our pre-recruitment training was done both virtually and in person. About 60 girls chose to stay in the hotel to get the real experience of being a pi chi and their training was in person, but they had to wear face coverings at all times. However, since it was my second year and I was lucky enough to have already had that experience, I chose to stay at my apartment to be on the safer side. Secondly, if you take a look at the first picture under the title of this article you will see that I am wearing a blue tie dye mask. Each pi chi received two of these masks and we wore them all day everyday except for when eating and if you wanted to take pictures (this was at your own risk, and the above pictures are the only pictures I took without a mask on my face). During this time I helped a particular chapter with their attendance at parties through monitoring zoom waiting rooms, as well as mentoring my own group of 15 amazing women. We were stationed in the Auburn Arena each day, and we made the best out of our circumstances.

After recruitment ended some friends and I went and tried out a new restaurant/mini golf course called The Country Club of Auburn. The mini golf course was the highlight of the night because most of us, if not all, are very competitive. As well as majority of the people playing currently play golf or have in the past, so going into the first hole we weren’t too worried about how the game would go, but the course was not easy which made it funny as we all fell victim to the nine holes. Afterwards we all went back to one apartment and hung-out for a little bit longer before calling it quits. But overall the whole night was so much fun because it had been a while since I had seen some of them in person.

By mid-August it was time for school to start! Sadly this semester will be my last one taking classes since I am scheduled to do an internship in the Spring, and unfortunately all of my classes are online meaning that I never step foot on campus. However, on the first day of class I went on a walk to campus to pick up some items from the bookstore and on my way back to my apartment I went by Samford Hall and snapped this picture. While I was there I ran into another pi chi and her friends who had just gotten lemonade from Toomer’s and were coming to hangout on Samford lawn, and we had a fun conversation before I headed on my way.

Later on this same week my boyfriend Matthew and I ventured to his home in Atlanta to catch up with his aunt, uncle, and cousins who were visiting from Minnesota. Sadly, I did not take any pictures during this trip, but it was a lot of fun. We ate really good food, played Mexican Train, Gin, and Backgammon and even went for a swim in between thunderstorms!

Then on Saturday my friends and I celebrated my roommate Madeline’s 21st birthday! We started the day off by going to brunch at The Hound in downtown Auburn. We got mimosas for the table, pimento cheese and crackers to share, and I enjoyed the most delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and hashbrowns (their menu is so good you can’t really go wrong with any choice). Then after brunch a few of us headed back to our apartment to enjoy cake. Her parents brought us a cake from Olexa’s (pictured above) located in Birmingham, and it is one the best cakes based on both presentation and taste. Then later that night we had a small get together at her boyfriends townhouse. I made her 21st birthday sign which was really fun to put together and was even more fun to collaborate on with our mutual friends and other roommates. The entire day was a ton of fun and met the Covid-19 requirements set by the city of Auburn.

The remainder of the month I didn’t document as much as the first half because it was packed full of homework, tests, quizzes, and lectures. However, I am working to get better at documenting and partaking in fun activities throughout the month so hopefully I can add more pictures and experiences soon!

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